art for the 21st century


My work lies at the intersections of visual art and digital technology. My formal training was in printmaking. For the last forty five years I have continued to combine traditional print mediums with digital means of production. Today my etching and lithography presses have been replaced by a large format digital archival pigment printer

“Neural Nets” is a series of large scale archival pigment prints using artificial intelligence and simulation technology used in game development programs. The prints are produced by overprinting multiple layers of information to build the image




Leonardo da Vinci’s deluge drawings and water studies are the inspiration for this “Deluge” series.

Southwest Florida is an ecosystem existing in the balance of land and water. The Gulf of Mexico, the Everglades, and Florida backwaters combine with tropical rains and storms to produce a constantly changing hydrologic cycle. This is the pulse of the region.

Each image begins as a simulation of water and atmosphere using game design software to produce a virtual storm. High definition images are rendered from the simulation and printed using archival pigmented inks on cotton paper. The print is drawn and painted on with watercolor using techniques developed for engraving copper and wood printing plates.


The “Orchid” images are pages for an artist’s book project that combines perception, aesthetics, and complexity. The book will be both a physical handmade book and a series of digital NFT pages. The images are being developed through a series of large format archival pigment prints.

Each orchid is modeled using three dimensional software packages and the environments are made using particle systems and motion graphic software.

Additional information and images: